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WSIB and Workplace Injury

If you work long enough you’re bound to experience a work
injury on the job. In Ontario, this is where WSIB comes in.

Most companies and professions are covered through WSIB to receive Paris chiropractic care and other services for a work injury.

How you go about your claim is very specific. Below is our health professional expert’s advice on how you should go about filing a work injury claim with WSIB in Paris.

What To Do If You’ve Suffered A Work Injury

1) Tell your employer and fill out appropriate WSIB forms. Your employer should fill out FORM 7 and submit it to WSIB within 5 days of the reported injury. FORM 8 will be filled out by a medical practitioner (Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Medical Doctor). The party who experienced the work injury should be completing FORM 6 either at work or upon initial visit at a medical clinic. If you come to our Paris WSIB clinic for treatment, we will help you with all forms needed for WSIB.

2) Seek treatment immediately. If you have to leave work early due to pain call 519-442-7100 and book an initial assessment and treatment with our Paris WSIB chiropractor. The sooner you get in to see us, the sooner WSIB will approve your claim and the sooner you will be able to get better.

Once the WSIB claim is approved and you get back to regular duties you are still entitled to treatment from our Paris chiropractor or other medical professionals. Depending on which area is injured, you can be pre-authorized for up to 12 weeks of treatment.

If you hurt your lower back in a work injury, tell your employer, and fill out the necessary forms in order to get treatment from a chiropractor or other medical professional within 24 hours. Legally, even if WSIB does not approve your claim you are entitled to treatment for 4 weeks, with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

3) If you need time off of work due to pain from your work injury, Active Chiropractic can take care of this. Once approved from WSIB, if our chiropractor recommends time off from work, you should be compensated and proper documentation will be noted. Light duties, modified duties, restricted hours and modified hours are just some of the options our Paris WSIB clinic have to help you get back on your feet faster.

4) Call WSIB within 48 hours of your initial work injury, after you have informed your employer of the incident. This promotes a quicker response from WSIB and once again helps get your claim in the queue. The WSIB general line can be reached at 1-800-387-0750.

If you have suffered a workplace injury and are seeking professional
help, please contact our clinic in Paris at 519–442–7100.

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