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Our healthcare team is here to help you get out of pain and get your quality of life back.


What Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors diagnose, treat and help prevent conditions and disorders related to muscles, bones, joints and nerves.


When Should I See a Chiropractor?

If you have experienced a recent injury, have been suffering from a long-term problem or are simply seeking to improve your health, please contact us!


Welcome to Active Chiropractic!

Our clinic has served Paris and the surrounding Brant County community for over 25 years. We are always accepting new patients. We are dedicated experts, working hard to help you get your life back and feel exceptional.

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Active Chiropractic
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“From the time you walk in the front door until the time you leave, the friendliness and professionalism is so obvious and comforting. You are greeted by two ladies both apparently happy with life and truly concerned about your health and wellness.
Next you see Dr. Rosati, a fantastic individual and a great chiropractor. Not only is he great at his profession, he is also both caring and charming.
In this troubled world it is difficult to find the atmosphere experienced here at Active Chiropractic in Paris. I have rated the office with five stars, if there were more available they would have received more.
I’m starting to see improvements to my health, the first time since my accident three years ago. I wish I had discovered Active right after my accident, not three years later.
Thank you very much Dr. Rosati and staff for making my days a little better.”

“I’ve been suffering with extreme pain from sciatica for months. I started going to Active Chiropractic the beginning of November. After a month of treatment I have had a dramatic change in my back pain. I am no longer using a cane. I am able to walk longer distances. Thank you to Active Chiropractic.”

“Incredible Service!
I was recommended by a family member to try Active Chiropractic due to constant pain for more then a year, in my lower back and hips. It was difficult to stand, sit, lay or sleep.
From the first moment I walked in, I was treated with the upmost care and concern for my well being.
In just a few visits, I found myself dancing in the kitchen PAINLESS! (Something I haven’t been able to do in over a year)
My zest for life and quality work is better then ever. I can appreciate a restful nights sleep again.

To Dr Vince and Nancy… Thank you so very much for taking the time to understand me and my situation. Thank you for caring.
I look forward to every visit and my body thanks me too.”

“The pain and stiffness I was experiencing had gotten to the point I wondered if I’d be able to continue supporting myself in my physically demanding job. Thanks to Dr. Rosati, in just two weeks, my mobility has improved dramatically and, along with it, my quality of life!”

“Dr. Rosati has saved me from so much pain. My back, shoulder and arm were locked up and in excruciating pain. After 2 weeks I feel very little pain anymore and will continue with regular visits to repair the damage. I live 1 hour away from Active Chiropractic and it is 100% worth my drive. Thank you Dr. Rosati!”

“Amazing experience from the time you enter the door til the moment you leave. Dr Rosati clearly explains and executes a treatment plan with wonderful results. He is caring and really listens to his clients. Thank you Dr Rosati for getting me pain free!”

“At a time of extreme back pain Dr Rosati helped me and within a few days I was good as new. The office atmosphere is wonderful and the ladies at the front desk very efficient and friendly. I will recommend you to everyone who will listen.”

“Had a stubborn case of Tennis Elbow. Went to a couple of other places for help. Active Chiropractic was the only place I got results. No more tennis elbow!”

“Both Ladies who dealt with me at the front are amazing! And Dr. Rosati is very helpful! I had a pinching pain in my right shoulder, and after only two laser sessions, I don’t feel any pain at the gym. Thanks for the help, guys!”

“This Chiropractic office is fabulous. The team works well together and are always welcoming and efficient. Thanks so much for all the help you have provided for Sean and myself during the stressful times as well as the usual day to day maintenance we all need.
They are great in the front office as well as the treatment rooms. We are so happy to have these professionals right here.”

“Dr. Rosati is an excellent doctor. Very knowledgable and always took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. I never felt uncomfortable or nervous while in his care.10/10 recommend his services!!”

“Wow who would have thought chiropractic was for me. Lol not me! I was sceptical at first…might even say afraid…or simply put, misinformed! I was in 2 car accidents last fall/winter and had been seeing a physiotherapist for half a year. Due to covid-19 I didn’t for about 3 months. My bf recommended I see his chiropractor Dr. Rosati. Wow what a difference! He has been able to help me feel better in just a few sessions than months of Physiotherapy. Hell even after the first assesment I knew I made the right choice! He makes me feel comfortable and is ready to answer any questions I have and talks me through everything….no fear now! If u are having any ailments I recommend you see a chiropractor…better yet go see Dr. Rosati! Trust me will be the best decision made in 2020!”

“I was a bit apprehensive of going to a chiropractor at first but Dr Rosati and the Active Chiro staff definitely made me feel welcome. Dr Rosati developed a treatment plan specifically for me and it has worked wonders. The back pain that I had at the start is completely gone. Thank you Active Chiropractic!”

“Dr. Rosati is one of the most knowledgeable and well-rounded Chiropractors I have ever received treatment from. I have received treatment from him for many different injuries from playing sports. From an ankle sprain, to a tight lower back, and even an achy knee. On every occasion, Dr. Rosati took a very systematic and professional approach to treatment. He was extremely informative of the procedures throughout treatment and made sure I fully understood the specific goals we came up with together. Dr. Rosati is an excellent Chiropractor who prides himself on getting patients better as soon as possible. I currently recommend Dr. Rosati to all my friends who require healthcare treatment.”

“My boyfriend and I have such a wonderful experience at Active Chiropractic and we couldn’t say enough good things about Vince and his team! They go above and beyond to treat your needs and we couldn’t thank them enough for helping us both treat our ongoing issues. We both have never been to a chiropractor prior to seeing Vince, but my boyfriend had terrible neck pain that he needed treated! After his first visit he was over the moon with the results and encouraged me to see Vince as well! I work at a desk most of the day and have experienced incredible results working with Vince to help with hip, neck and back pain. His office team is also incredible and always greets you with a smile and go out of their way to work around your work schedule to book appointments and make you feel safe and comfortable as they venture around the ever changing covid precautions! I highly recommend Active Chiropractic!!”

“After a week of not having any relief of my symptoms from straining my lower back and actually having them worsen, I asked a friend who she would recommend. She recommended Active Chiropractic in Paris. I was in a lot of pain and not able to sleep because of it. Working full time and having to sit most of the day took its tole by the end of each work day – I was exhausted from working through the limited mobility, sharp pains and tightness in my lower back. I was then not able to do anything once I got home – the chores would have to wait.
After just a few visits I have found such relief! Of course I know that this doesn’t mean that I can get back to doing everything I want to yet but it is certainly making my day to day much more bearable. I fully plan on continuing with their recommended course of treatment and so glad that I chose to see them sooner than later.
I would also like to add that in addition to the treatment, the service at Active Chiropractic is excellent. You are welcomed and treated with kindness, respect and honest concern for your well-being.”
I definitely recommend Active Chiropractic and Dr. Rosati!

“I cannot put into words how awesome Dr. Rosati and the rest of the staff are at Active Chiropractic Paris. So friendly and welcoming. Every issue you have will be broken down for you and explained thoroughly to ensure you are happy with your treatment. I moved an hour away and still drive for every one of my appointments. Phenomenal job everytime. 10/10 would recommend. They are people who truly care about their patients well being.”

“Dr. Rosati is amazing and has helped me with my Degenerative Disc Disease pain immensely. I could hardly stand the pain and within 2 weeks, felt like a million bucks. His staff is polite, professional and friendly and the atmosphere is always bright & cheery. I would highly recommend them for any or all of your chiropractic needs.”

“Dr Rosati is incredibly kind and truly cares for his patients. He goes above and beyond in every situation to ensure the best quality of care. The office is very professional and Nancy is very friendly and has a great sense of humour. I have a chronic pain condition and he easily adjusts his care to suit my bodies needs.
The most impressive part for me was the extensive report and action plan that he provides his patients after the initial visit.”

“I had been going to the same chiropractor for a long time and wasn’t very satisfied. She did the same thing every time. I was only on her bed less than 5 minutes, which isn’t enough time. Dr. Vince is fantastic!!! He explains everything that he is doing, which bone he is working on and how it will help me! He takes his time.
He has fantastic machines that are really helping me.
I would highly recommend him to everyone!”

“After suffering with pain in the hips and lower back for most of the winter months even though I was going to a reputable chiropractor, I decided to give Active Chiropractic a try on the advice of a friend and client of Active Chiropractic in Paris.
After only 4 visits I found a remarkable difference in my body. No pain and I could once again attend yoga classes and other exercise classes. I also slept through the night pain free.
I highly recommend Active Chiropractic”

“Extremely friendly, knowledgeable. I have suffered with neck and back pain for several years . Within a month my neck pain is gone! My back pain has significantly improved. The doctor explains what and why he is doing every procedure. Strongly recommend. Staff is just as wonderful too!!!”

“The staff at Active Chiropractic are so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Doc, is professional, kind and listens to your needs. I have the most respect for the professional team that works in this office. I have recommended this place to my colleagues more than once.”

“After doing physio for a year to help a lower back injury, I was still in pain. I was told going to a chiropractor to get “cracked and twisted” wasn’t a good option because of the kind of injury I had. It was only after a family member introduced me to Active Chiropractic and the activator technique for treatment that the pain finally went away. I’m truly grateful for the help I have been receiving from the amazing staff and doctor. My injury happened in my late teen’s and if it wasn’t for their care, I would’ve missed out on a lot of the amazing adventures I have been able to enjoy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I have been a patient at Active Chiropractic for arthritis pain in my neck, back, shoulders hips, hands. On arrival my first time I was greeted by a friendly staff and shown into a treatment room. Dr. Vincent Rosati came in and did a complete assessment. He said he thought he could help me and gave me a detailed treatment plan. When I started I was having trouble getting in and out of my car.I also had trouble walking. I had pain in my hands and shoulders. I went for approx. 3 weeks and I could notice the change in getting into my car and my hands were no longer swollen. He did another assessment on my progress and gave me another detailed plan. I have improved so much since I started that I can move freely without pain. I would urge anyone who has similar problems to come into this clinic and get the help you need. I found the staff very nice and show a concern for your health. The Doctor is thorough and has your health foremost in the treatment plan. I will be staying for treatment and maintenance for my condition. Thank you Active Chiropractic.”

“I came to Dr. Rosati with in pain in my right foot while running. He did a wonderful job of using his hands-on skills to work on my foot. He also went above and beyond what I would have expected from a typical clinician. The night of my initial assessment he spent his own free time analyzing my running gait by video analysis and developed a running retraining plan for me. He helped to make my foot pain disappear however he also worked with me to ensure that it didn’t come back. He provided me with advice on my running form and it dramatically improved results. Later in the year, I came to see Dr. Rosati with hip issue and he didn’t skip a beat. He did not fail to meet my expectations, and once again allowed me to continue with my running pain free.”


Be Your Very Best

Our Paris chiropractic clinic provides individualized treatment plans for injury-related pain and illness. Using a combination of hands-on techniques including gentle and manual spinal adjusting, soft tissue release and modalities to help assist with pain, our experts at Active Chiropractic will provide you with the highest level of care.

Our patients have ranked us in reviews as being the best chiropractor in Paris. See what we do as chiropractors and book an appointment to get the proper treatment you need today.


Our team provides safe and effective chiropractic care. We have helped all ages of patients from children to seniors overcome their health challenges. Active Chiropractic patients receive personalized treatments focused on getting you better and feeling great.

We are dedicated to helping you get back to whatever it is you love doing. Whether allowing you to move better so you can play with your kids, alleviating pain so you can continue to play sports, or helping you to achieve your best healthy self. Our team is here for you.

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