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All people/faculties (ie. Redskins) shown below are, or have been patients of Dr. A. Smyth.

Brutus, Hulkster & Friends…

Dr. A. Smyth caught Golfing w/Bobby Orr (Left)
Dr. A. Smyth & Wife w/Erich Kunzel World-Renowned Conductor

Dr. Smyth w/Alan J. Gaudet, President – North American Chronic Pain Association Of Canada (Left)
Maclean’s Canada… featuring Mr. Gaudet (Right)

Dr. A. Smyth w/Julie Anderton Canada’s top female tri-athlete for her age
Article about Dr. Smyth’s patient, Julie Anderton

Julie Anderton (Dr. A. Smyth patient) featured In The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday, November 2, 2003.

Dr. A. Smyth worked with the Washington Redskins and helped incorporate Cold Laser therapy into their training camp

American Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. A. Smyth worked at several of the Health South clinics and the main hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. A. Smyth w/Pedro Tondo Canada’s top weight lifter (Clean & Jerk) age 45

Dr. Smyth w/Alena Sharp LPGA Player

Dr. A. Smyth patient & friend, of the great Bobby Orr (left)
Erich Kunzel (right)

Dr. A. Smyth patient & friend, Ray Guillemette Jr.

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