Dr. A. Smyth has used computerized foot and gait analysis since the mid to late 1980’s. Foot faults or problems of the feet should be diagnosed with the foot weight bearing and also in motion. This provides important information to correct biomechanical deficiencies. Rarely, we will do a foam cast of the foot, for instance if an individual was unable to walk or stand properly. The orthotics we use are pliable, comfortable and will fit any shoe, even a woman’s dress shoe. The orthotic is only 1/8″ thick. Since the foot and a person’s gait (the way they walk) affects their knee, hip and spine many people can reduce a variety of muscle pains just by wearing an orthotic.

A custom orthotic is a corrective appliance similar to putting braces on teeth. As such, the orthotic may need to be corrected or replaced every few years. Growing children need the orthotic replaced yearly during their growth spurt.

Dr. A. Smyth works with Dr. A. R. Laws, M.D. in a jointly owned company called Community Foot Care. People requiring an orthotic medical prescription for their extended health care plan can receive one at Dr. Smyth’s clinic.